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About Us: Top Ten Reasons Why Cave Hill

Tradition of Excellence

#1 Tradition of Excellence

The Alumni family of the Cave Hill Campus is proud of its many key corporate and government leaders, who have contributed to both regional and international development. The Campus is honored to have five sitting Prime Ministers.
Cultural Integration

#2 Cultural Integration

The Cave Hill Campus has an integrated body of diverse staff and students from throughout the region, and the wider world including:  Europe, Australia, Brazil and China. Our cultural diversity offers countless opportunities to experience and learn a variety of distinct cultures.

International  Experience

#3 An International Experience

Our diverse campus community affords students an opportunity to develop linkages throughout the region and beyond. Through established partnership with over 30 institutions in the United States, China, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean, our students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programmes.


#4 Accreditation

The Cave Hill Campus is a fully accredited institution which offers quality degree programmes that are recognized worldwide.

Welcoming Environment

#5 Welcoming Environment

Our campus’ intimate and scenic environment creates the friendly and familiar nature of  our Campus Community. Moreover, the excellent tropical marine Caribbean climate coupled with the breathtaking scenery makes your learning experience truly enjoyable.
Beyond Classroom Experiences

#6 Beyond Classroom Experiences

Our Campus has a variety of extracurricular activities, which allow students to develop both personally and professionally. Additionally, our students benefit from interactions with a myriad international scholars and industry leaders at conferences, lectures and debates.
Student Centeredness

#7 Student Centeredness

The Campus offers a variety of health, academic, social and general support services to our students. Additionally, the sporting, artistic and cultural societies at our campus offer a spectrum of experiences and opportunities to students of all backgrounds and interests. The development of the holistic student has fostered the leadership capacity of our students as seen from our alumni Prime Ministers to our outstanding athletes.
Extensive Programme Offerings

#8 Extensive Programme Offerings 

The campus is constantly adding new and exciting offerings to our already extensive suite of graduate and undergraduate programmes. Our general programme offerings can be categorized into the following disciplines: Social Sciences, Medical and Pure Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Education and Law.
Award Winning Faculty  and Staff

#9 Award Winning Faculty and Staff

The campus is home to a cadre of both regional and international scholars who are at the forefront of their fields.

Vaule for Money

#10 Value for Money

The fees are competitive and rival the affordability of many North American and European Universities.


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